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what are some of your favourite blogs/bloggers?


ohhh nooooo this is super hard and i know i will forget some!

@female-orgasm-denial, @onedeadpoet, and @toptobottombdsm are like my absolute favorites and tbh i go on their blogs multiple times a day

@silly-littlebaby and @purelittlebaby both have lovely blogs w/ v cute content

@that-tattooed-daddy is probably the nicest person ever and has an A+ blog

omg this is literally so stressful i feel like there are so many others that i love?? basically anyone ive ever talked to & had a good conversation with on here is really great!

Aww thanks Peachy!

(cont) or because those two weeks made me realize how much better denial feels. or maybe a combination of the two. either way, i thought you might enjoy the story :)

Oh no, I only got this last part of whatever message you sent! So mysterious… Do send the first part again if you are able, we want to know the story!

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The Whorewhats School for Sexual Witchcraft was a very specialist educational establishment for those young witches born with a pure Succubus talent.

We see above their unique ‘wand choosing’ ceremony. Once the right wand was found and inserted, it would keep its witch in a state of constant arousal, but completely prevent climax no matter how hard she tried. Thereby maintaining the highest possible levels of sexual power for use in spells.

The girls were of course allowed to take the wands out during school holidays. 

None of them did.




We should start a female denial conference.

– Strictly enforced rules on respecting subs, no touching without permission, etc.
– ways of decorating your conference badge to indicate your preferences, how long you’ve been denied, if you’re allowed to negotiate play without someone we else’s permission, etc.
– guided meditations
– competitions for best edger (solo and couples), most desperate, etc.
– special arrangements for those with fantasies they’d like to experience
– maybe a sleep deprivation room staffed 9pm to 7am every night where those without lodging can be restrained to a cot, optionally blindfolded, and teased awake at least once an hour while orgasm denial hypnosis drones on via speakers throughout the room.

We need to make this happen.

I’m in.