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P.1 Hey, love your blog, longtime follower here.So sex with my boyfriend is pretty lame. Ive put up with it for over a year now and honestly i can’t be bothered anymore. Never had an orgasm during sex. I have had some from foreplay. But like 4times.

And the first time it happened was like 11months into being intimate with him. And even those were kinda lame. He was touching my clit so hard and even the orgasms weren’t that enjoyable. Problem is he thinks he’s fantastic in bed.

99% of the time we have sex goes like this: kissing, 1-2 minutes of foreplay, then penetration. It won’t go in at first since im nowhere near ready. Hurts. And then sex that really isnt doing much for me if not hurting. I have been dropping hints

It’s never about making me feel me feel good. We never try to get ne off. He says he loves to go down on a girl yet has only done it to me for a total 35 seconds in a year. He’s a really sweet guy and is really sensitive. I don’t know what to do

He knows what I’m into. Ive given him a step by step run down of how to give me an orgasm, because he says he wants too but it hasn’t changed anything. More than anything it hurts emotionally. The sexual frustration is nothing.

It makes me feel like an object, a walking fleshlight. I don’t want to hurt his feelings by being harsh but subtly hasn’t worked. I love him so much. I really don’t know what to say anymore. Tried to bring it upthe other day and it failed

I really want to enjoy sex. I want to try edging with him so bad. He’s the only person I have been with and we are pretty comnitted. Really sucks thinking i never had nor will ever have satisfying sex

This is what you’re going to say:

‘Baby, come and sit down, we need to talk. There’s something I’ve been trying to tell you for a while and I just don’t think you’re getting the message, and I don’t know what to do.

I love you, but this is killing me, and we need to do something about it 

What is it?…

You’re really bad at sex.

No, I’m not kidding. Do I look like I’m kidding. I know, you think you’re good, but listen to me, you are not. I’ve tried being subtle, I’ve tried bringing it up before, but it’s reaching the point where I just have to be blunt about it so we can make things better.

Look, read this:

See how this guy describes having sex? THAT is what I need, not always, not even most of the time, but at LEAST sometimes.

So here are some new rules.

I cum first. Yep, every fucking time (I’m kinda into this thing called orgasm denial but we’ll get to that once we’ve got it working right in the first place).

For now, sex hurts, because I’m not ready for it, so rule 2, I cum before you even get to fuck me, and if I’m still not feeling ready we can use some lube.

So besides making me very happy here’s some reasons why you want to do this. If I’m excited about sex, and enjoying it, I’m going to want to do it more, a lot more. Unlike you, the MORE I fuck the hornier I get.

And again, if I’m happy and horny there’s some really kinky shit I’m going to feel like exploring that we haven’t even got near yet because we’re still stuck on the first floor. Yes honey, that’ll probably include fucking my ass – god you guys are predictable, that’s cute.

So, what do you say? Shall we get good at sex together?’

Then again, you could write him a song:

I love edging while I’m mastrubating but the idea of someone else being in control of my orgasm seems so much more erotic could you please give me institutions for my next mastrubation session?

Wow, that’s seriously kinky… I thought I’d seen everything. Okay, institutions for your masturbation session…

I’d start with something local, your local college might be a good one. Then, work your way up to a university. If you’re that way inclined you might try the courthouse, some of ours even still have wigs!

If you’re seriously kinky could try a local church or for the more experienced, a cathedral can be a good option.

And then, then some dark souls might even get off on local government, I know, I know, but different strokes and all that…

Then, for the big climax, maybe (unless you’re in Kosovo, Taiwan or the Vatican) you could go for the United Nations (Vatican dwellers obviously have their own kinky options that I won’t even get started on).

I hope that satisfies!

I’ve been seeing alot of things on Cal’s curse. Is it just for women or is there a men’s version also? If there is a guys version can you link it ?😳

Good question.

Why don’t you listen to it and find out. Just… do it when you won’t be disturbed, get nice and comfy, use earphones, listen to it, two, maybe three times to really make sure you’ve done it properly. 

You might want to try it the next day too, and the one after that.

It’s important to be thorough…

Do you have any advice about how to better ride an edge? Like I see stuff about girls having to hold their edges and not cum even tho they’re still being touched, and that sounds really hot but idk how to do it! If I keep touching for long enough (without a pause/break) then I can’t hold back from cumming so I always have to take that break :( any advice?

So much of it is to do with your breathing, Learn to become more aware of it, and work on keeping it relaxed as you get to the edge. If you start holding your breath it’s likely to push you over. Beyond that, it’s a case of practising and learning to touch your clit very gently just to keep yourself on the edge.

Often when people talk about this they actually mean they get to the edge then slip off a little and get back to it, and that’s totally okay! But often as you practise more you’ll get better at just floating along in that amazing ‘edgespace’.

Also, as you practise, don’t be too worried about slipping over the edge, it’s fine, you’ll mess up sometimes when practising. Obviously, you ruin the orgasm, so as soon as you go over, you stop any stimulation. But then you’ll find you are still as horny as ever and you can resume edging pretty quickly.

Hey, i really want to try denial. I have wanted to try for so long, So i was wondering if you could tell me how many days i should do it and a punishment if i fail. Thank you 😊

Three days to start, five edge a day, one in the morning, one last thing at night, the other spread out when you can – and that’s a minimum.

If you fail, you lose the right to panties, and have to do four days instead. Fail again, and no bra too until you succeed for five days.

Good girl.

I got myself into denial after I found your blog. Honestly, it is the best. I am applying your advices for training my shy inexperienced girlfriend and it is going very good so far. I also post the milestones we are having her. So as a gratitude for your blog I am offering you a complete control over her clit for this night. Just tell me what to do and she is having this today.

Well thank you! I love to hear such nice feedback, and what a kind offer.

I want you to edge her ten different ways, different methods, toys, places, etc. But the last one, is to be with your mouth. I find it’s the very best way to edge a woman, you can absolutely sense when she’s close, and never let her go over. 

If you don’t go down on her a lot you may need little breaks, but ideally, I want you to edge her till she cries. She will, trust me. Then you stop, she’s done.

So, I’ve recently realized I don’t know if I can cum. I know I can edge, but I’ve never felt my pussy pulse with release. I don’t feel relief after letting an edge go, I just feel nothing. I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever cum.

It sounds like you might be a ‘natural’, lucky girl. 

Go and read this other blog I started with a friend for special girls like you and then come back and tell me what you actually want.

I even wrote a special story for you: