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Raymond became so obsessed with winning the big teddy bear for his girlfriend that he completely missed the fact she was no longer watching his pretty pathetic attempts to knock down all the cans. It was only with his last dollar he managed to win the big prize. He could have bought it for half of what he’d spent.

Bored and horny, Tiffany had found something else to entertain her. The carny had offered her 10 cents for every guys she’d kiss. Before she knew it she found herself asking, ‘And how much if I let them fuck me?’

Turned out it was 50 cents on the dollar. With the guys already forming a queue it would be a busy evening. The busty assistant whose night just got a lot easier helped Tiff get ready.

‘What, what about me?’ stuttered Raymond, horrified when he found her (although the tent in his pants told another story).

The carny handed him a ticket, ‘You wait your turn, but here’s a free ticket, I’ll look after the bear’.

Raymond looked in desperation at the ticket in his hand as he walked to the end of the snaking queue. It simply read #251

What a way to lose his virginity.

Do you know of any tumblrs/sites that focus on male orgasm denial? This stuff is deeply, DEEPLY erotic, but it’s hard to participate with my genitals :(

There’s loads, although it’s usually under the label of ‘chastity’ or tease and denial as guys have the kinky advantage of easily being able to lock their cock in a chastity cage to enhance the experience.

Search for chastity captions or cock cages to find lots on Tumblr.  is one of my favourites, a nice mix of practical advice and fantasy. Also her new one sided script things are very cool, I’m thinking of doing the same but with the male voice for you lot.

Anon again ps: im sorry if yoy arent the right person to ask i just came across a post you had written in response to a guy who wanted to make sex with his gf special and thought what the hell that guy looks like he knows what he’s doing.

Hi anon, I’m on it, just writing something for you now. I thought it might be that post which promoted the messages.

(Oh you lot are intrigued aren’t you!)

I did a shitty first attempt crotch rope with a knot just below my clit and I have to go out, any tasks you want me to do sir?

Just wearing it will be challenge enough I think! Good work soldier!

When you get back try edging just by slowly pulling the rope forwards and back between your lips. It can drive you crazy.

And of course, report in to share how your first crotch roped outing went!

Remember they need regular washing, a good way is just shove it in the pocket of something going through anyway.

I was told by my master to tie a crotch top but I haven’t got access to rope. Are there any alternative things I can use sir?

Great question, and actually, it’s a bit of a misnomer. Crotch rope doesn’t often use rope at all! You certainly can’t do much with a thick rope, apart from run it through your legs once and possibly add a knot near your clit.

What you’ll see on my crotch rope instructions (holy shizzle sticks, that’s got nearly 2,500 notes…) is that some kind of cord is really what works best:

So there’s lots of options for a soft,fibre cord. Long bootlaces can be a great option but paracord, available from most big stores, is a great solution. It’s a little on the thin side but shop around, or visit a DIY store and see what they have.

What you want to avoid is anything that doesn’t have any give in it, like that plasticky string, that’ll be awful.

Remember for a crotch rope as above you want TWICE YOUR HEIGHT (I know right…) in length, but you can do simpler ones with less.

I routinely make my sub edge herself but occasionally when I edge her I stimulate her too much and put her just over the edge and she cums. Do you have any tips I can use to make sure I stop in time and she doesn’t cheat when telling me she is edged?

Well the simple rule is it’s always her fault if she cums without permission. She hasn’t told you to stop when she should have, and then hasn’t controlled herself and stopped it.

So firstly, it always gets ruined. As soon as she goes over and it’s clear she has, you stop all stimulation and make sure she doesn’t try to touch herself to finish it off. Every single unauthorised orgasm is ruined, no exceptions. (This should go for when she’s edging herself too).

Now it may be she needs to get better at communicating and you need to learn her body signals better too. So you can get her to use a number system to say how close she is, ten being orgasm, and carefully watch and observe just how she moves and acts and reacts to what you do as she gets closer to closer.

In some positions you can go further and if she starts to go over you can give her pussy a nice hard smack and that will actually stop the orgasm completely – a bit of an emergency rescue technique. But that doesn’t work for everyone, fun trying though!

And then beyond that, you know best, or you can discuss and decide, what punishment fits her cumming without permission. Is it a spanking (or does she actually love that so it’s an incentive!), is it no touch, or a crotch rope or plugging or stuffing. Try different things and see what works best!

Also, ruins often get worse the more she has them, so do some on purpose. I find being fucked with fingers, cock or toys which are pulled out just as she goes over tend to make it far more intense, so have fun with that. And you can sequence them too, start with a clit ruin, follow with a vaginally focused one and then both together. She’ll be a blubbering mess by the end (and left nearly as horny as she started, which is the obvious benefit) and will be far more active in helping you stopping her having those naughty unauthorised cums.

Have fun!

I edged 13 times. I’m so sore and swollen now. Please can I cum.


I’m a bit sore too! James decided he wanted to stretch my holes today, and now they ache when I do stuff with them. Like pushing my finger in my bum when I cum. I got to cum, isn’t that great?! But that also means the orgasm for today is used up already, I’m so sorry sweetie. Ask again tomorrow and I might let you <3 Just edging until then. Good girl.

I once saw a video of a guy really slow fucking a girl. Something like 4 strokes over a few minutes. You see her legs quivering uncontrollably and she’s shakily begging for the guy to fuck her. He then whispers you are being fucked. The facial expressions this girl has are absolutely amazing. She’s on the edge for like ten minutes I think. Have you seen it and if so can you tell everyone where you found it? I saw it once and have never been able to find it again.

See how you get on with that, let us know if it’s one of them.

I’m rubbing my clit I’ve been edging for 3 days can I come?


Holy crap, that’s what I call riding an edge. Haven’t you got clit burn after all that? I’m impressed.

No, take a break, no touch for a day (seems the answer to everything today) and start again.

How would you think if man cum in less 3 minutes ?

Are you sending this to the right blog? There’s two key elements of the blog title that you seem to be ignoring…