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UK government consultation on porn age verification

UK government consultation on porn age verification

Snowflake’s Denial Journal #19 Fast delivery

Yeah…I got a package. Sadly, the heels aren’t here yet. They’re being shipped by UPS and will be here soon. I hope. So, it must have taken me 2 hours to try all of this on. All the straps. Everywhere. Holes where there shouldn’t be holes. It was such a sexy nightmare. I love all of it, though. There are a few things that don’t fit perfectly, but nothing bad enough to send back. I really wasn’t going to take any pictures tonight, but I’m weak. The maid costume was a total bitch to put on, so if that’s what you were going for, good job.

Talking to Diva today was great. Hopefully she didn’t think I was some huge creep. ^-^ It was a lot easier, and a bit more comfortable. I really do think she could be a great person to talk to. Honestly, I’ve been talking a bit to one of my friends about it (one of the friends who used to receive a LOT of pictures from me…) and while that’s nice, and it’s nice to be able to talk to someone I’m so comfortable with, I have to omit a lot while talking to him. I don’t think he would stop talking to me, but I know he’s not a super ‘kinky’ person, and a lot of what I’m doing right now would come off as weird. So…I guess I am kind of hoping that Diva and I can get along. BUT maybe we won’t and she hates me and I’m still pretty insecure. Sorry. Anyways.

Talking to her a bit more about her whole ‘alpha sub’ thing just reinforced the fantasy, lol. It sounds like such a hot idea, and I would love to try it…And well, if I don’t get to, we’ll both just know that I’m thinking about it. 😛 

When you brought up taping a vibe to my clit and leaving my hands cuffed, I think I died a little on the inside. Did I at some point tell you that was a huge fantasy, or were you just taking a stab in the dark? Either way, I love the idea. However, I’m kind of scared telling you that, as I know you’ll actually have me do it. >.<

Besides that, I guess I’m kind of at a loss now. It’s strange. It’s been what, almost a month? Now I have toys shoved under my bed, and too much lingerie stored in my closet, and all I can think about is what you’re going to have me do next. It’s almost alarming to have everything change so quickly, especially when you’re a person who claims to hate change. But alas, here I am, and I couldn’t be happier. Hm, enjoy the outfits (despite the shit quality of the photos) and maybe I’ll pull out another one tomorrow. ^-^

Snowflake’s Denial Journal #18 God Damn

What an interesting day it’s been. Full of firsts, and much to my surprise, they were all amazing. The dildo stuck onto my table was insanely hot. The biggest ‘down side’ was that it was a bit difficult. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it. Still, it felt amazing, despite the burning ache in my thighs (seriously though I could’ve done that all day). The plug…Boy, do I have a lot of thoughts about this one, though none of them are mixed. 🙂 It was rather peculiar. When you told me to grab it, I didn’t feel the anxiety that usually accompanies new things, especially things that involve my butt. Granted, I wasn’t completely comfortable with the idea, but as a whole, I felt pretty calm. First off, I was very curious, and I’ve definitely been toying with the idea a lot in my head, so I was excited to finally try it. Beyond that, I just felt very trustful of your judgment in that moment. I knew that you weren’t going to ask me to do something that was going to be permanently damaging or something, and it was surprisingly simple to let that thought take me to a very calm state of mind.

Even though I remained calm, I wasn’t expecting to like it. In fact, I was expecting to hate it. It’s not like the crotch rope, where when I run up my stairs I feel like I’m going to come, but it got me so wet. I don’t really understand why. And when I say wet, I mean soaking wet – Alarmingly wet. When I took off my sweatpants it was nearly dripping down to my knees. T_T So, yes, I absolutely loved and adored it, even though I can’t really tell you why. There was also this HUGE relief when it didn’t make me anxious. Because of the anxiety that panty stuffing caused, I was worried a butt plug would do the same…But nope! In fact, I actually kind of miss it. Crave to have it back in me (What have you done to me?! ffs).

The hardest part was the call, though. I was so incredibly turned on, and I wanted to cum SO badly. As hard as it is to admit…The hottest part was when you just stopped paying attention to me. 😡 That stupid 3:1 pattern still going, I’m in complete agony, and all I hear is you typing in the background. I loved it…Wondering just how long you were going to keep me like that. And when you had me slip the vibe inside myself…I’m shocked that I was able to keep it in, as it felt so good I wanted to start screaming. The best part: At no point did I feel like I was going to faint. Though, when I stood up for the first time after fucking that dildo, my legs felt like feathers. All wobbly and shit.

Still curious about trying out the other toys…I’m sure they’ll be well used in no time. Oh, and the lingerie. I am so excited about it. Do I get to wear them under my normal clothes and walk around plugged from now on? No, but really, you talk about me walking around plugged, but if it ALWAYS gets me that wet, I may encounter some issues. Well, you probably don’t think it’s an issue, BUT I DO! Perhaps I should just start wearing 3 pairs of panties instead of none? Finally, I’m so so SO excited for this lingerie. As a bonus, it seems USPS really got their shit together, and it may actually get here on time (I totally bribed them with those stocking pictures). However, I think I should only show you them when I get to cum. So…What was that…Once a month? Of course, this is just to make sure that you fully appreciate each one. What do you think? ^-^

Go on, I dare you to reblog this

Reblog this post only if…

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Otherwise, don’t reblog this post…

(Completely stolen this genius idea from with thanks)

Snowflake’s Denial Journal #17 What An Interesting Day…

Wow. First day in nearly a month that I’m not a complete horny wreck? Not counting the beginning of the day… Of course finally being able to cum was amazing. Everything was a lot more intense than I had expected, though. When you said that you thought I was holding myself back, you were right. I know that’s not the first time we’ve Skyped, but it was my first time with toys, and it was my first time cumming. While I loved camming (A bit too much, actually, lol) it was nerve wracking. And look at you, being all sneaky and not bringing it up until I’m dripping, desperate to cum. Whether or not that was your plan, it obviously worked. Still, it’s something that I’ll just need to time to adjust to, as with most things.

While physically, it was obviously amazing, mentally…I’m not so sure. If I’m being truthful, finally being allowed to cum (or should I just say ‘finally cumming’?) helped me to realize how much I actually love denial. And now that that’s gone, I crave it. I want to be all wet, achy, and needy again, despite how miserable I was at times. Perhaps I liked denial before, but now, seeing both sides of it, I actually prefer it? I know, it sounds preposterous (please still let me cum…I still like that too.)

Okay, the ‘drop’ afterwards kind of freaked me out. Just a little bit. It was pretty horrible, and even thinking about it now is fairly depressing. It wasn’t something that I was expecting, but, with a little potassium, and some nice conversation, I was feeling better. Side note – Are you serious about shoving fruit in me if I don’t start eating it? o.e Scary.

Buying $200 worth of lingerie was not originally my plan today, but I’m so excited. BUT…It’s shipping through USPS again. Only this time, it’s under 2 day shipping, so I’ll probably see it in about a month. 🙂 It seems almost ridiculous that I’m buying these things. It’s so far outside of what I would normally do, but I suppose it’s refreshing to be doing all these new things.

Hm…Not much else. I really like that vibe. I really like the dildo. I’m really nervous about all the other toys that have thus far remained untouched. 😡


“Sir may I play with my clit please?”

“Aww thank you baby but that won’t do anything for me while I’m in your ass so that’s ok, keep your arms up”

“Oh Sir please”


“Erm….ah because you like me horny and desperate”

“Yeah well you can be horny and desperate after dinner for a couple of hours on the floor edging while I relax. For now you can just focus on my cock feeling so so good in your ass.”

“After dinner? But that’s ages away. Oh Sir it hurts and edging helps”

“Yeah after dinner, when I cum, you’ll wear your plug to hold my cum in and you know there’s no touching your pussy when your ass is in use. You don’t want to waste my cum now do you baby? You want to enjoy it don’t you?”

“Yes Sir”

“Thought so. Now no more talk of pussy. Focus. This feels really good so I’m going to take my time. Let’s hope the lube lasts as that was the last of it.”

“Oh god sir but what about the plug?”

“Oh yes. Well I am sure you will manage. I know how much you want to please me. You’d never disrespect my cum by letting it fall out. Would you?”

“No Sir”

“Mmmm good, fuck let’s speed up and fill you up, keep those arms up, Good girl.”

Obligatory: Love your blog, thank you for your awesomeness! (Seriously though, when I first found it I edged for hours and then refreshed the page compulsively for another day hoping for new posts. I am not ashamed.) Anyway, a gentleman friend and I are both kind of switchy and we’ve been taking turns denying each other for the last few months. It’s been great fun, but a Denial Wheel Game not geared to just girls would be an amazing addition to our play. Please, pretty please can you make one??

Absolutely, I was thinking of a mixed sex one and a group one too!

My Domme made me spin the wheel of punishment for every time I was naughty in the last two weeks. I had to spin 25 times. -Jenny

That, is a lot of punishment! What a naughty girl!

How’s your behaviour been since?

I have been edging now for three weeks (all thanks to your blog!!) I finally created an account just so I could tell you what a wonderful job you are doing! I am so thankful you are here! Ps: I’ve been edging for 4 days straight with only one ruined orgasm. Please can you reward me? ;)

I really appreciate the feedback! Thank you so much! You definitely deserve a reward.

So have one day’s strict no touching, then a day’s edging, then another day edging with a ruin. Then you flip a coin after a weekend of more edging. Heads you can cum, tails, it’s another week’s denial.

You are more than welcome. Feel free to message me if you want it made even worse.


Sorry James, i did sound entitled but you have gone from very active to polar-bear like inactivity. Hopefully nothing serious is happening IRL and you’ll be back to full volume soon. Anyway we miss your updates and, btw, how’s poor snowflake doing? ?

I’m really teasing with the entitlement, it’s nice you miss me. But work got crazy, and I also got ill, and I’ve been playing catch up. Looking after Diva and Snowflake takes priority beyond that of course, the latter having just endured a very hard week of anal only denial… poor girl. I think we’ve reached new heights of her love and hate of this…