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#dpnom that you can forget what an orgasm is actually like…. and a few months later when you get a reminder it’s QUITE a shock

Love it!

Don’t forget after a long period of denial your first orgasm might be a weird one as your body’s kind of forgotten how it works or doesn’t believe you when you actually go over the edge and keep rubbing.

So don’t be disappointed, and the good news… The second one will usually melt your brain 🙂

Keep them coming (denial problems, not orgasms, naturally)

#D-P-N-O-M that if you don’t put enough effort into teasing and tormenting yourself you can just end up bored and unaroused :/ (gotta put that effort in!)

It certainly requires effort. This isn’t chastity people, this is denial, because the harder it is, the more fun! So get those daily edges in, first thing, last thing, and as many as you can squeeze in during the day!

Want a challenge? Start at four edges in a day and try and increase by one more every day until you find your limit (or run out of money for your panty cleaning bills).

‘She’s bored, so she’s spinning the wheel of denial to spice things up!’

#Denial-Problems-No-One-Mentions: to deeply enjoy denial, owners need to spoil us with consistency.

Interesting one. I agree in as much as denial mustn’t ever be used as an excuse for neglect. It’s vital to keep and even increase the connection between you while you’re being denied. And consistency is also important in terms of keeping to what was agreed. However, variety is also the spice of denial and keeping things fresh by finding different ways to tease and deny is never abad thing

#Denial-Problems-No-One-Mentions: denial sharpens my senses in everyday life. mmmm wait, this is not a problem :P

Yes, this is a good side effect! Alertness and being much more ‘sensual’!

#Denial-Problems-No-One-Mentions That you come to crave the “no” more than the “yes” most of the time…


I mean, no!

#DPNOM having to skip several days of edging, because my clit is so over sensitive I can’t even POKE it without going into full body spasms like I’ve been electrocuted.

Oh you won’t get off edging that lightly! Learn to edge by rubbing your g-spot, and once that’s too sensitive too, you can always explore the murky world of anal edging and prove yourself a hardcore denial slut!

#denial-problems-no-one-mentions having to change my underwear 2-3 times a day, because they get so damn fucking wet

Marvellous, keep them coming!

(See, when we tell you not to wear panties it’s for your own good!)

Thank you very much for the advice💖 have a lovely day/night.

I’m not sure which advice you mean, I’ve been catching up on replies this week, but thank you anyway! 🙂