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“…Rule 7 you are to cross your ankles under the table at all dinner times with your family to remind you that you’re mine. Rule 8, you are to wear the new heels I bought you at all times when dressed and at home”

“But what if my mother gets curious about it, what if she finds out about you?”

“Then I’ll make her mine too.”

I spun the wheel of denial and got “watch porn 30 mins. No touch” and I just needed to say that I gave in and touched and then came to a video. Do you have a punishment in mind for me..?

I get lots of messages about the wheel of denial, I must make a new version as it was quite a spur of the moment creation. Perhaps a ‘wheel of punishment’ for those who fail is called for… but for now, play the game again, but purchase a menthol rub of some kind (test a little on you to make sure you don’t react badly to it before you start this) and every ‘edging’ task you get is to be performed with a little menthol rub on your finger tips as lube.

Hi! Is it possible to orgasm while asleep? I spent the day edging, frustrated, and having fun, but poof by the next morning it’s all gone. Is there anyway to stop this from happening?

I’m assuming you’re a girl… as ‘wet dreams’ are far more common in guys, but yes, it is possible. However it’s more likely that you’re just feeling a drop in arousal which can happen naturally. It might be that you just need to build up more slowly, let it grow over a few days. 

Or you could try something more drastic, try a dildo in you overnight – a pair of panties or two will usually keep it in place, if not search this blog for the crotch rope instructions. Just make sure if you use something in you it’s safe and clean, you don’t want to be getting toxic shock.

And beyond the dildo it might be you have other things that really turn you on, perhaps nice lingerie or nightwear – so sleep in it, or sleeping naked rather than clothed. Or if you haven’t tried a butt plug then you might find that’s something that really keeps you aroused and you can wear overnight.

Try some of those and hopefully they’ll stop you dropping off the cliff!

Hello. I just want to ask some thing. I can control my hands from touching myself or stop before I go over the edge but I can’t seem to stop myself from humping or grinding until I’m over the edge. How can I stop myself?

Put on two or three layers of panties, a bikini bottom is particularly effective in some cases. If that doesn’t stop you then a tight pair of shorts will do the trick.

If that fails then you’re only allowed to do your edging kneeling, firstly on the bed or sofa, and then again, failing that, on the floor where you can’t rub or grind on anything.

An alternative that I’ve employed before is to tie your legs open, lying on your back. No grinding possible then. Make sure you know how to safely tie knots without cutting off circulation, or invest in some velcro bondage straps.

Apologies it’s been quiet from me the last couple of weeks, work all got a bit hectic! Thanks for all the messages saying I was missed though, they’ve been most appreciated! So… where were we?


“I told you, I’m only ever going to fuck your pussy when it’s right on the edge of orgasm, that’s why I stopped thrusting, so I can get you there again and continue. If you can’t handle this we can switch back to only fucking your ass, you can choose.”

I’ve been getting used a lot lately, so my clit is really sore now. Unfortunately my clit is what makes me cum most. Any tips on edging with out touching there? :o Also I hope you have a super awesome day 💜 This blog is one of my favorites

Well nipples and g-spot are the next ‘go to’ pleasure points to explore. Sometimes denying someone who is very reliant on their clit for edging is a deliberate tactic I’ll use. 

So, really focus on finding and stimulating your g-spot, either with general fucking, a nice dildo or similar, lots and lots of strokes in and out; but beyond that working specifically on your g-spot, with a vibe or thinner dildo (hairbrush handle work well) really focus on it and see if you can edge yourself with stimulation, all of which is usually even better with nipples involved.

If you need it you may find just a little clit stimulation helps, so perhaps three circles on your clit every 20 fucks or g-spot rubs might be a nice alternating combo, but try it without first.

Thanks for the lovely compliments, hope you enjoy!

i used your denial wheel thingie and got no touch, watch porn 30mins, and i only got to 15 mins before i caved and masturbated. i don’t have a daddy right now to punish me for it any ideas/wishes for some self punishment thankyoou ;P xx

15 minutes masturbation and edging followed by an hour’s no touch watching porn. Repeat it three times to be allowed an orgasm. If you fail the no touch time increases 20 minutes each failure. No cumming until you succeed and learn some self control.

Could you give me a personal teasing task sir? I’ve been on no touch for an hour and I’m already dripping through my panties. I have a vibrator and a dildo. Also nipples clamps. I can’t yet handle long term denial but I’d love to test myself for the night. Little tasks and challenges would be great sir.

It would be my pleasure! Try to have four edges before you sleep, first with fingers, second with the vibe, third with nipple clamps on and fourth fucking with the dildo with the vibe on your clit.

Then in that super frustated state, slide the dildo in you and put one or two pairs of tight panties on, and enjoy no touch all night, stuffed with the toy. You can play with your nipples, just nothing below the waist.

If you make it through till an hour after sunrise then you can fuck and vibe yourself to orgasm. If you fail, no touch until evening, and repeat the whole thing…