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omg i hate you. how do you get female-orgasm-denial to love on you/your blog so much? and if that’s not enough for you (wtfs wrong with you) but seems like everyone else loves you also. leave some for the rest of us pls..


Dear Ms Grey Face (yup, I’m taking a wild stab at you being a girl),

Firstly – thank you for sending me what I’m pretty sure is my first piece of “hate” mail.

All I’m getting from it though is insecure, immature and unfounded jealousy.

I will answer your question though…. female-orgasm-denial is a wonderful man and someone I consider to be a dear friend. I’m pretty sure he “loves on” my blog ‘cos it’s hot and he’s got great taste 🙂

So, firstly, wow… I don’t know whether to be horrified or just laugh at how pathetic that bit of hate mail to my lovely friend Lusty was. 

Whoever sent that, please feel free to leave my blog and never come back, I can only assume you’re underage, you’re certainly acting (and write) like a 12 year old little bitch.

The reason ‘everyone loves her’ is because she’s smart, sexy, beautiful and works hard to provide this community with some of the loveliest erotic and denial focused images on Tumblr. The reason no one apparently loves you is because you are a jealous little leach who contributes nothing but hate. I truly hope you change because otherwise you have a sad, lonely life ahead of you.

Are you familiar with a hentai series about a girl that has a birth defect that does not allow her to orgasm? “Frantic, Frustrated, and Female”

I had no idea this existed, this is brilliant! Umm, it really doesn’t hold back… her sister is, very friendly… It’s remarkable how many things they actually fit into the first episode!

For those interested:

Thanks so much personahnlyne!

How ruined orgasms can be used





When you really start to think of a ruined orgasm as a reward, and a real orgasm as a strange, unnecessary thing that almost never crosses your mind, you’re a good girl. 

And you want to be a good girl, don’t you?

This was suggested to me last night – a sort of permanent denial, punctuated with occasional ruined orgasms – and it scared me a little bit.

The more I think about it though, the more appealing and appropriate it seems. I mean, I’m here for your pleasure, not mine. What better way to teach me that than to never grant me pleasure?

Getting into the mindset described in the above text is a massive goal now. If you have tips on how to get there would be really appreciated!

I found that accepting an edge only life was the most natural thing in the world when I realized the physical effect of an orgasm on my body and my emotions. More specifically, what happens to me afterward. Immediately after an orgasm my energy level plummets. I become tired to the point of wanting a nap. I also immediately lose nearly all interest in sex of any kind. Basically I feel awful and am now completely worthless to Daddy as a good, useful fucktoy.
On the other hand, edging only gives me energy. It pumps up my endorphins in anticipation. It “fuels my tank” and “revs my engine” so to speak. I feel energized and rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. Mentally it keeps me completely focused on Daddy because I am willing to do anything for him. I am desperate and horny and begging for him, for the relief and fulfillment only he can grant. My entire being is focused on him. I am now useful and a good obedient fucktoy.
I am happiest this way and Daddy and I both know it.
He allows me one orgasm a week, but only on Saturday nights and I must go to sleep immediately afterward. Often I forget or even ask Daddy to be allowed not to cum. I’ll ask this usually if I’m already feeling drained from a difficult day or something. At this point an orgasm is almost a punishment. And denial is my reward. Almost always when I’m begging Daddy to be allowed to cum (which happens when I’m edging really really hard and for a long time) it’s so I can feel that shiver of pleasure run down my spine when he says “no.” Just thinking about it right now makes my cunt drip.
Hope this helps. 😊 @becoming-a-toy

Yes! This is exactly how I feel too. Orgasms make me lethargic, edging keeps me going. I focus on others, I want to please, I’m a good cunt. I’m honestly happiest in the 2nd to 4th week of denial. (Haven’t experienced longer so who knows.)

I don’t like being told to cum. I want to beg and beg and beg – because I really want it – and I always want to hear no. It’s what makes me happy and keeps me clear about my place in society.

Some wonderful and exciting thoughts on ruined orgasms. I’m starting to use them this way more and more to this end. 

You’ll ache. And you’re going to love it. It will crush you. And you’re still going to love all of it. Doesn’t it sound lovely beyond belief?

Ernest Hemingway, The Garden of Eden (via himselfcouldhavetheskies)

Hi, so I’m 18 and recently I came across your blog among a few others that really spiked my interest…I think I want to look into it but I’m a virgin still and I feel like whomever I find will turn me away due to my lack of expirence..I’m just unsure how to approach it. Should I try Fetlife or maybe something on here? I just don’t want my first experience to be with a manipulative jerk looking for a naive girl because I’m not…I’m a bit challenging but this is something I want to explore..

Hi anon.

There is a very fine line between a dom and and asshole, as I’ve said before, so your concerns are perfectly valid. There are a lot of assholes out there and a lot of guys very good at getting into your head and taking advantage of you, no matter how smart you are.

There are very few genuine, good dominant guys out there, because most of them have been snapped up! So looking somewhere like Fetlife where you’re trying to find ‘the one’ is a difficult search. Somewhere like Tumblr, where it’s more accepted that you can dip in and out with the doms/teachers that you like the sound of might be a better way to start. The downside being the messaging system sucks on here so you need to find other ways to communicate.

The issue of your age and virginity are not that they’d turn guys off due to lack of experience, but actually they’ll draw the douchebag wannabe doms to you like flies to a fresh piece of meat.

One of my kinkiest friends is still a virgin, although it’s become almost a fetish for her now. Don’t let that put you off exploring. I think it’s wonderful that you can do it at this point where you can figure out all that your amazing body is capable of and just what turns you on, before you even pursue sex with others. Master it with yourself first, that’s no bad thing.

Fetlife is fine, but it’s all a bit serious. Collarspace is completely full of fakes and to be avoided. Getdare can be quite cute, and is a much younger demographic. But all of them have sharks aplenty.

So a few bits of advice to finish…

1. Don’t get so obsessed with kink that you miss out on the joy of the simple things, use it to add excitement, not become the reason d’etre.

2. Be proud of your virginity and treat it as something to treasure, not a burden. It’ll happen at the right time with the right person if you don’t feel you have to deal with it.

3. Treat everyone who claims to be a dom with a HUGE amount of scepticism – be smart about not getting pressured into anything, be absolutely sure that someone is genuine, and don’t give out personal details until you truly know and trust them. It is up to them to prove they are for real, and they’ll do that by taking the time to get to know you and treat you with the care and attention someone your age with little experience needs.

Finally, given this is an orgasm denial blog I’m assuming you must have found my favourite kink piquing your interest! I think it’s a wonderful first kink to be exploring, it makes you feel incredibly sexy, lets you try out the idea of some kind of ongoing submission, even at a low level, and helps you get over shyness that might be holding you back from talking openly about sex or trying new things.

If you want some initial pointers in how to get started with that, then I dare you to be brave and send me a message off anon. I’ll try really hard not to be a manipulative jerk!

Hope that helps,


My ex once put me on no-touch for a month, and at the end of it I went from orgasming in 7 minutes to 25 minutes, it’s about 15 minutes now usually, but it’s not ever fully recovered… any idea why or how to fix it?

Your body is telling you what you really need, and that is to not be allowed to orgasm at all. You don’t need fixing, you just need to be denied. Never orgasm and you won’t have to ever worry again about how long it takes.

Throw away the stopwatch, embrace denial, and all will be well with your soul.

I have a master, who has a strict no cumming without permission policy, lately he hasn’t been giving me any attention keeps saying his work life is hectic. I didn’t do it out of spit but I was edging and playing and I came. Now I feel terrible and guilty and I don’t know what to do, I’m scared he will be angry and I don’t want to disappoint him. I’m not his only bitch so I’m afraid he will drop me because of this fuck up. Please help!

It sounds like your orgasm is the least of your problems with this dynamic, if you genuinely think he might dump you because you orgasmed then I can only say that sounds pretty unhealthy.

Having said that, you may be misjudging him, and perhaps this is an opportunity to see how he reacts. Be honest, tell him what happened, and let his reaction show you how he really feels about you.

There is a fine line between dom, and asshole, trust me I walk it every day. Make sure you get the former, and not the latter.

Hey I love your blog! But I’m also looking for another similar blog I came across and lost. It’s a male Dom who currently has a sub (I think one of their tumblrs starts with a B) and he has a thing for giving out punishments and ruined orgasms? Any ideas? Sorry I know it’s an odd request.. Thanks!

Not sure who it would be, teasingtheweakersex perhaps, who has is sub bijouxrm on a 1,000 ruined orgasm quest… if not try searching female orgasm denial in the box, but opening it up to any of my followers, any other suggestions?

Bonjour, Votre blog est vraiment très très beau, sensuel, sexy, très excitant. Vraiment un grand merci pour tous vos coms

Merci beaucoup. Il est toujours bon d’entendre de mes lecteurs internationaux.

I was watching porn with my legs spread wide last night but didn’t touch myself at all, I was so incredibly horny and I feel like I orgasmed. I felt satisfied afterwards but I didn’t touch myself at all or grind on anything. I want to be aching and frustrated- not satisfied!! What can I do??

Congratulations, you’re one of the small minority of women who can orgasm without any stimulation at all. This would be great news were you not a tease and denial addict.

See if you can do it again, it might be a one time thing you don’t have to worry about much. Otherwise you’ll have to just be careful not to get yourself into that state.

If you have a partner I’d try experimenting with predicament – tie you up and say ‘if you don’t cum without touching within the next 30 minutes I’m going to coat a dildo with menthol rub and slide it in you, for example – having to do it under pressure will be a different experience altogether.