I had always tried forcing myself to orgasm, but could never get there. She suggested that instead of desperately trying to orgasm, I edge myself instead, completely stopping before I felt the buildup. So eventually, along with more therapy and a ton of edging and other techniques, I managed to achieve orgasm. But the funny (not funny at all then) thing was that I actually ruined my first orgasm ever. My therapist still brings that up.

My therapist said edging was an extremely positive thing especially when it came to issues of control – but it could be frowned upon with certain therapists, depending on their line of work and their personal views in regards to sex. She mostly focuses on issues with sex, so was completely open and accepting of all things. I’d say just be sure you feel comfortable with and accepted by your therapist – in terms of your sexuality, sexual behaviour/preferences, but just generally as well.

I have the best followers! Thank you, that’s great to hear and encouraging that there are such enlightened, sex-positive therapists out there!

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