Hi James, long time follower, and just wanted to say thank you. I discovered your blog a month before Juno in 2017. I convinced my Daddy that I wanted to go orgasm free for the month, and little did I know the doors that it was going to open for us.

I am currently in my 12th week without orgasm. I edge daily, anywhere from 5 to 40 X a day, depending on how mischievous Daddy feels. so far this is the longest and over the last year and few months that I’ve went, the other most recent being about 45 days.

Before we started Juno my sex drive was little to nothing. And now not a day goes by that I am not wet dripping and aching. I truly had no idea how much I needed my orgasms taken away.

Even Daddy has discovered the amazing pleasure that comes with withholding orgasms from himself.

Again I just wanted to thank you. I hope that you continue to put out amazing content and continue to show others how amazing orgasm denial can be.

Please feel free to share my information if others wish to follow my Adventures.

That’s absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much, it’s always lovely to hear first hand how it can make such a difference. And so great he’s discovered it too

I’m sure your testimony will be a real encouragement to many, I know it is to me!


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