Wow! In just a couple of months this little blog I started for a few people has exploded into a full metric tonne of amazing followers. Thank you to everyone who’s been enjoying it, liking, commenting, asking, edging…. I appreciate it all hugely!

Want to be denied? Here’s your chance…

I’ve been very lucky to have met some amazing people through this blog already and some of them are sweetly suffering in orgasm denial right now because of it.

As a little celebration I’m going to make an open offer (sorry boys, girls only on this one) to subject one  winner to my own wickedly twisted take on orgasm denial. So whether you’re a seasoned pro or complete newbie, if you like what I’ve written here and want to discover just how I’d take your own unique fantasies and turn them into an aching, throbbing, dripping, denied mess between your legs, then now’s your chance!

How to apply

Pretty simple, send me a message on here and the most interesting one wins! I suggest you tell me:

  • about yourself, as much as you want to share (everything is totally in confidence)
  • how you got into orgasm denial
  • what you fantasise about regarding being denied
  • anything else you think might pique my interest

So yes, what kind of twisted prize is the fact when you win you don’t get to orgasm until someone else says so…? Exactly the type my twisted, kinky, amazing tumblr followers want I suspect. Let’s find out:

Terms and conditions: Submissions must be entered by some deadline I have yet to make up yet, prize includes confidential chat, and voice on skype if so desired, the winner will be subjected to at least one period of orgasm denial with the author as the determinant of when climax will be allowed, by entering you agree to allow your body to be teased, tormented and used for the pleasure of the author up to and including frequent edging, extended masturbation instructions, and ruined orgasms, and you acknowledge the fact you will be handing over your right to orgasm to a virtual stranger and that this idea alone makes you horny and wet, entrants may have to be prepared to prove they do in fact have a vagina, no cash alternative, value of orgasm 0.001pence, value of denial experience, priceless.

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