Well, unsurprisingly denying someone their orgasms is my biggest turn on. It’s not just the fact it keeps you horny and desperate, it also works so well with my other major kink, it’s like the ‘gateway drug’ – which is, to get inside your head, and explore your incredible mind, to take you on a journey of discovery through the fantasies and kinks you have, and to find and develop new ones together with you. So that’s a whole mix of training, teaching, analysis, creating scenarios, and then coaching you to turn some of them in reality.

The Anais Nin quote, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” is one of my favourite because that’s what I want to see in someone I do this with, to water you, and watch you grow, and see you break out of your present reality and blossom as you discover just what your amazing mind and body are capable of.

So yeah, turn on… I guess, gardening!

What’s interesting about that as my turn on is it tends to encompass whatever kinks the person I’m training already has, so I end up adopting, and usually enjoying them, because I see you being so excited about them. And that includes some pretty very kinky shit.

A reasonably big part of that is being sadistic. I do take pleasure in finding creative and kinky ways to cause someone pain, when they like it of course. Although there’s a very common link between denial and masochism, in part because the more turned on and horny you are, the more pain becomes pleasurable. But even more than physical, I love the psychological torment of denial. Taking you to such heights of frustration and horniness that you cry as you edge, and are denied yet again, is wonderful, and makes my cock hard as I listen to you weeping as you keep on rubbing, not allowed to cum, not allowed to stop, loving and hating it at the same time. Beautiful.

So yes, what I really look for is someone who has a desire to learn, who is willing to be submissive in that process (although I love helping a woman learn to be dominant, just, not over me!) and is hugely curious and open to try what I suggest. Outside of that I’m really pretty flexible.

Turn offs are more simple: stupidity (I’m a big sapiosexual, although bimbofication of an intelligent woman is ridiculously hot), laziness, rudeness, being taken for granted, hoods (don’t even get me started on gas masks) and yeah, scat doesn’t do anything for me (although even with that I find it fascinating if it does for the person I’m training). But yes, it’s a pretty small list. If you find something a huge turn on, I’ll probably get excited by the fact you do.

As to your second question, no voice tag, because that’s just something I do with those who have asked me to deny them – whispering instructions in your ear as you beg to be allowed to have the climax I’ve made you crave so much. The answer is usually ‘no’.

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