…But should it be that easy? What do you think a good girl should do? Amanda

Well Amanda, firstly it’s completely okay to go through cycles of what you feel like. Women in particular have their hormone levels changing all the time because of your menstrual cycle, and to my mind that makes it a wonderful dance, discovering what your body needs and wants all the time.

However, it can also present you with the challenge of denying yourself even when you don’t feel like it. That’s something that those who want to experience longer term denial have to learn to adapt to. 

It sounds to me like you’re enjoying some ‘no touch’ stimulation and that’s fabulous, stick with that while it’s turning you on, and then, when you just can’t take it any more, you can play with yourself through your knickers. And that’s it. Then the next day, you can play inside them, but no hard edges, just soft play. Then the day after that you can edge, but only once that day.

So no, no cumming. Good girls don’t cum, you know that. Horny and wet, that’s how you’re meant to be, and that’s exactly how you’ll stay.

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